Did you know? Type 2 diabetes can be undone.

In fact, it’s been scientifically proven that you can experience dramatic health improvement, freedom from medications, and even disease reversal itself—all by adhering to a healthy lifestyle. But that’s exactly why you’re here, isn’t it? Because, at the end of the day, the power to prevent and reverse your disease lies right in your hands. Welcome to Diabetes Undone.

Nedley™ Health Solutions provides health and nutrition products and information to enhance the mind and body.

Our educational materials are based on solid, documented scientific research and presented in an interesting and understandable way for both the professional and the lay-person. The health-promoting products we offer are hand picked with care by Dr. Nedley and are highly recommended.

The goal of F5 is to enrich lives through genuine “face to face” fellowship and exciting adventure challenges in a faith-enriching environment. We were not created to just be stagnant and sit around but we were made to move! We encourage everybody to go outside and discover new things in life. Through our events, you will find courage and motivation to overcome not just fitness challenges but also daily life challenges.